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Radio Amateur Examinations and Training  at SARC

The Club for you !!

Students sitting an amateur radio exam

SARC provide training at all three levels:-

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Full (Advanced)
  • SARC has now put into place  a new Training course that you can do in  8 weeks  please send for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Examinations take place in the SARC Portokabin under strict rules and can be witnessed by the RSGB representative at any time.

Course Trainer - Patrick Herborn M0MGO  

First Invigilator - Steve Webster M1ERS

Second invigilator - Peter Hinde 2E0BFZ 

Third invigilator - Carol Hinde 2E0CJH


                        RCF Examination Books are available from the RSGB shop - Follow RSGB link at the bottom of this page.

Foundation Licence

   Intermediate Licence   

Advanced Licence

Foundationbook   interbook   advancedbook


                      If successful in any one of the RCF examinations then SARC will also award an additional Certificate for your acheivement.



 Foundation results 2015 and some of the presentations.

  • Richard Jones - M6JFS
  • Marc Young - M6YSM
  • George Kokinis - M6HSY
  • John Wilkins - M6WLJ
  • Terry Sayles - M6FXV

Well done to the new Foundation Licence Holders and hope that they all progress to full licences. 

And well done to Jess the SARC Trainer for his hard work in teaching them.

We are hoping to get a few more new Foundation licenses in 2016


George M6HSY and John M6WLJ receiving their SARC certificates to complement their RCF certificates

Terry M6FXV receiving his SARC certificate to complement his RCFcertificate.

one   Terryspresentation
Foundation and intermediate results 2016 and some of the presentations.
  • John Wilkins - (M6WLJ) now passed the intermediate exam and now 2E0WLJ
  • Michael Shaw - Passed Foundation exam and now M6HNL





Richard Farmer Listening to HF SSB as part of his Foundation training.


Steve M1ERS operating shack HF transceiver and providing useful training to Richard Farmer.  


Building 40metre CW transceiver kits provides useful contruction and testing project for foundation students.  

If any of our visitors to the SARC Website  are interested in Amateur Radio and would like to take their Foundation licence, please contact our Trainer,

Contact Us  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Region 4 North East  RCF Examination Centre.

link:    RCF Radio Communications Foundation

link:    RSGB Radio Society of Great Britain







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